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We are experts in digital forensics investigation. We offer worldwide professional digital forensics services, training, and tools especially for the Chinese world. Furthermore, we offer necessary forensics technical support and consulting services to help enterprises, governments, non-profit organizations, and individuals who encounter any emergencies such as intellectual property infringement, hacking, data leakage, and digital crimes etc. The goal of our service is to find any evidence through a structured investigation by identifying, collecting, validating, and analyzing the digital evidence

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Quick Forensics Analysis

Upon encountering emergency, some companies may not know the possible data and suspects that are involved. They may not know whether any digital evidence could be found; therefore, they hope to get an initial result of the investigation for further decision making. That is why we provide affordable quick forensics analysis service for them. Our customers could evaluate further forensics investigation upon this result.

Our Customer

Our clients come from the most various sectors, including law enforcement agencies (e.g. MJIB, CIB, etc.), military agencies (e.g. MND, NSB, etc.), other governmental agencies (e.g. NCSIST, etc.), enterprise/private entities (e.g. TSMC, Chunghwa Telecom), education sector (Central Police University, TPC, NTU, etc.), law firms and other individuals,

Data Recovery

For system magnetic area inadvertently formatted, hard disk data damaged or has been deleted, or decrypt encrypted data, we provide professional data recovery services.

Infringement Forensics

If you are in the process of infringement lawsuit or related incident, we can cooperate with your company's legal or law firm, from the perspective of ensuring the interests of the company to view your company's current emergency, review and collect all the digital evidence, provide effective digital evidence and forensics reports to provide you with the best contingency plans.

Prevention in Advance

In most companies' emergency response plan, as forensic procedure and methods are often neglected. This issue often cause data loss or the evidence admissibility of the data be compromised. Therefore, to ensure digital evidence preservation and the right conduct, we provide consultation service and training courses, helping your team members get the best knowledge and ability to do the right thing.


Due to the continuous advanced information technology, we keep develop suitable forensics tools for the Chinese field, and act as agents in fields of latest forensics hardware and software to, in order to provide customers the best services.

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