iForensics eDetector

Malware Detection System

# Description
1 Central control system provided. User can collect digital traces, analyze the processes in the memory and even search the files in client's disk
2 Adopts behavior analysis. Detect and analyze all the processing programs and the modules loaded , and regularly inform the user about abnormal situations via e-mail
3 For the suspicious processing programs, draw an interrelationship digraph to assist the users to search for the origin of the malware
4 Stop the executing malware to discontinue the activities of the hiding hacker and draw an IP address map
5 Have ability to analyze the deleted files (ex: The downloader of malware )
6 View all the services, auto-run programs and scheduled tasks to search for abnormal startup programs
7 Built-in white list which automatically excludes the Microsoft applications. User can customize/ import the black/white list
8 Collect the user computer’s windows explorer data to search, apply the filter and get the files back
9 Forensics level Digital Traces collection: automatically calculate the MD5/SHA of the traces collected to ensure the remain of the original
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The list of features may vary between different editions of the product.
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